Friday, March 20, 2009

Zipup Kickup

(Green Furi) Zipup: Hello, and welcome to Zipup Kickup. This show is about Moshi Monsters, and how smart people are! I'm Zipup, and this is my brother, Kickup!
(Brown Furi) Kickup: Thanks Zipup. So anyway, the show is to see if monster owners can be smart for once.
(Purple Poppet) Candy: Hey! My owner is smart! Oh! Sorry. I'm Candice. But call me Candy.
Zipup: Hey! I'm the one who says the stuff here!
(Black Diavlo) Dave: You always say that. You think it's all your idea, to make a T.V show on a blog.
Candy: Stop it you boys! Or I'll be the presenter!
Zipup, Kickup and Dave: Sorry.
Candy: You should be. Anyways, we are going to ask you this question. What is that Moshling? Is it:
A) Mr Snoodle
B) I.G.G.Y
C) Chop Chop
Dave: Oh! I forgot! I'm Dave. I count the right answers. So comment on THIS post to see who is the winner! Put your Moshi Monster user name and the Monster's species AND it's name!
Zipup: Also, the first person with the right answer wins!
Kickup: And the prize...?
Candy: We will tell the winner!
Candy, Dave, Kickup and Zipup: BYE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Look!

Yes! I finally got that new look on my blog. Well, pretty neat, huh? The Furi tried to make a blog background, but it didn't go so well. I just went on . It's got some really good designs, but none Moshi Monsters! Oh well!
Anyway. I think I'm gonna put my fun picture edits of Moshi Monsters on this blog. Just for fun, right? Even this Furi is excited! Look, he's smiling! Hah hah hah!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Moshi Monsters

I've got a few Moshi Monsters. About three.

A Katsuma, a Furi and a Poppet. My Furi was the first, his name is Yeti and the username is Evabadeva. Secondly, I got a Katsuma. I called him Snowstorm. That username is Evabanzana. My final is the Poppet. Her name is... Can you guess? It's Snowflake! That username is Evababa. I'm not a member, but I want to be one REALLY bad! Well, be my friend so our monsters can have fun!

Moshi Me! :-)

*Don't have a monster? No worries! Go to to adopt one!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moshling Preview

Moshlings are the greatest thing that ever came into Monstro City, some say. Some others think that they aren't so good. But we LOVE 'em! There is over 3o Moshlings. From cute to scary, from pretty to ugly, but we love them all. The most famous is the Iggy, the purple spiky thing. Mainly because when no Moshlings existed, these were the ones that you played with when your computer was loading. So now they've got more, and Iggies are rare to get when planting Moshling seeds, but everybody wants one!